Vista 64 DEP crashes DVD Fab

Greetings, I just purchased and installed DVD Fab and am encountering a large problem. It seems that Vista’s DEP is crashing DVD Fab when copying a movie (this occurs just as the movie is about to copy to a blank DVD). I have already globally de-activiated DEP via command prompt, but yet DEP is still stopping DVD Fab. I’ve confirmed that DEP is de-activated, also via command prompt. I’m running 64 bit Vista on an HP Laptop. How can I resolve this? Thanks!

Edit: Issue Resolved, the VSO Burning engine appeared to be the problem, installed ImgBurn and it seems to be working just fine.

Having same problem will try your fix

Same issue here, found the fix on my own as well.

[QUOTE=davesandstorm;2309648]Same issue here, found the fix on my own as well.[/QUOTE]

How did you fix ?

Changed from VSO burning to imgburn. Worked like a charm and sped up the process too.

Microsoft has contacted us ( VSO ) about various crashs with patin couffin and DVDFab under windows 7 … after investigation ( and because microsoft reported problems not only for dvdfab but for all other products using patin couffin burning engine ) we have found the problems, and it is due to a incorrect implementation of the burning engine.
to prove it, you can just burn with a vso products, using the same sdk and it will work correctly.

in other words, DVDFab author needs to follow our recommandation and shouldn’t poll the drives the way he does it for now.

Hi kart_racer3,

Please try DVDFab 6030 to see the result, the VSO engine was updated.


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