Vista 64 BSOD



First anydvd has been awesome for me. Never had a problem before, then I upgraded to vista ultimate x64.

Any DVD starts and runs fine, but when I copy and paste the video_ts directory from the dvd drive to the c drive I get the blue screen. I have also tried to copy to my second drive with no success

I have not tried to copy / paste before, I have always used dvd shrink so maybe its something to do with that. I have not run dvd shrink yet on vista x64.

Here is the debug from the blue screen (Hope I did not miss any numbers)

** STOP: 0x0000001E (0xFFFFFFFC00000005, 0xFFFFFF98003A4D0BD, 0x0000000000000000, 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF)

*** AnyDVD.sys - Adddress FFFFF98003A4D0Bd base at FFFFF98003A4B000, DataStamp 459ebd69

I have tried uninstall and reinstall with no luck.

Machine Stats:
CPU E6600
Creative X-FI Gamer Fatal1ty edition
GE Force 8800 (No drivers installed - nvidia has not released them yet)
Mad Dog Multimedia DVD Drive
Generic 56x cd rom drive
2x Seagate Baracudda SATA II

The only error in the event log is The following boot-start driver(s) failed to start i8042.prt

I had Transcode 360 installed and TMpgEnc but both of those have been uninstalled.

Any help appreciated


I can only suggest (again) to use elby CloneDVD to rip to harddisk.


I downloaded the demo of clone dvd and it works. I would assume then that there is something going wrong when I try to copy/paste the files off the dvd.


There’s no way in hell the ripper should cause a BSOD though.


Totally agree, but I am kind of on the “bleeding edge”. Prior to vista release no video drivers (curse you nvidia) and 64 bit to boot. So I can accept workarounds for awhile and slysoft software is pretty reasonably priced.

Hopefully they will get the BSOD fixed though.


nVidia video cards work on Windows Vista.


I’ll try not to hijack my own thread here but…

Nvidia has not released GeForce 8800 drivers for vista 64…

Nvidia Help Topic

The beta drivers also do not support the 8800 video cards


You don’t really mean copy/paste do you? … you mean you are doing a drag & drop to your HDD using Windows Explorer right?



That’s because drivers for x64 are much different than drivers for x86.


Thats correct, they will only support them in the beta in the 32 bit version but they have since issued Signed drivers for this card and when Vista is released it will work with the new drivers:clap:in the 64 bit version.


I am doing a copy / paste operation. Highlight files right click copy, go to destination right click paste. Lazy mans way of copying the video_ts folder.


Yeah but dammit I have to wait till the end of January for that. I really wanted to compare the speed difference for x64 and x64 based graphics (flight simulator).

I have been sort of chomping at the bit to try this. Silly me, I assumed that they would have released the drivers when vista was released to corporate customers.


Just built an AMD AM2 duo core box with Windows XP pro 64. I have not had a chance to check a burn yet but I sure like the speed of a full up 64 system so far. Keep us posted on your issues since this will be the new OS (Vista 64).


This problem is caused by a bug in Windows Vista I/O system.
Both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows Vista suffer from this bug.
I have added a workaround for the problem to AnyDVD beta:
If you update from, you MUST reboot for the change to take effect.
It is highly recommended that users of Vista update to AnyDVD beta, otherwise the system can crash when you drag&drop files from a DVD.


James your awesome! Thanks


Shouldn’t this bug be reported to Microsoft so they can fix it?