Vista 64 and Nero 7 Ultra problems that I didn't have with Vista 32

I have a nice dual burner setup on my Intel 6600 core2duo with Vista32 Ultimate and Nero 7 Ultra. However, after I did a fresh install of Vista64 Ultimate to take advantage of my 4 gigs of ram, burning DVD’s is very hit and miss. I get about 50% of my burns come out bad. I know the drives are fine, but now its super-finicky about making sure nothing else running and still produces more coasters than a beer garden. Probably 50% of them.

When running Nero backitup, my Liteon 20A1H-185 drive simply burns the lead-in and then dies. My NEC 3520A burns but usually produces bad burns - especially towards the end of the tracks.

Both drives were updated to the latest firmware, and I’ve installed the latest Nero patches. Anybody else seen this problem with Vista64?

Strange. I did an uninstall of Nero 7 Ultra, and it listed 2 installed copies for some reason. I ran the uninstaller on the second one, rebooted, ran uninstall on the first one, rebooted, then ran Nero’s CleanTool from their website and rebooted. Then I reinstalled Nero 7 Ultra and now things burn just fine.

Tried burning with both drives ok, did a litescribe label, and a 6-dvd backup. All ok again.

That was disconcerting. I noticed that when I let the web-update thing run, it did some strange things during install. I wonder if the web-update is messed up? Perhaps I’ll do it by hand next time via their manual download…