Vista 32 or 64 bit



Anyone know the great differences between vista home premium 32 bit and the 64 bit, thanks for any information.


If you are talking about performance of software on the two systems, you should look through this article:,2845,2280808,00.asp
Conclusion is that performance is a mixed bag, with 64 bit software not quite mature.

You do have to have 64bit hardware to run Vista64, but virtually all pc’s made in the last few years have that capability. More ram helps too, but Vista is a memory hog in either configuration.


I run Vista x64 periodically and compared to the 32 bit version it is faster. That comes with a price in that it can be quirky and driver support for older hardware can be a problem. Whether the speed improvements verses the hassles between the two versions is really up to the individual user, IMO.