VisionTek introduces thumb drive sized SSDs with SandForce controller



We’ve just posted the following news: VisionTek introduces thumb drive sized SSDs with SandForce controller[newsimage][/newsimage]
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About time?


Can this be used like a USB flash drive?


[QUOTE=infini;2739612]Can this be used like a USB flash drive?[/QUOTE]

What d’you mean? From the description provided, this is a USB flash drive…except it’s one that has a well-known brand of controller in it and promises to make use of the speed afforded by USB 3.0.

Any device that supposedly supports external hard drives of the same capacity should support this. Any other device that claims to exclude HDD support may not be programmed to support drives larger than a typical thumb drive, and as such may be artificially limited to 8 GB, 16 GB, or 32 GB drives (or will only use up to that much space on a drive any larger…like the Xbox 360 and its support for saving info to flash drives). I assume that this drive would not have terrible power requirements, though, so it should be fine in that regard. As always, individual experience will vary. It all depends on how you typically use a flash drive. :iagree:


Ok, thanks. According to the specs this should be the fastest USB flash drive available. Let’s hope these speeds are also for the 120gb version.