Visiontek Extasy 48/12/48 CDRW review @ GotApex?

I just posted the article Visiontek Extasy 48/12/48 CDRW review @ GotApex?.

GotApex? has a review on the Visiontek Extasy 48/12/48 CDRW, also we have this drive currently available for testing and noticed, just like GotApex? that this drive is a rebadged Lite On…

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If I am going to buy 48X or faster of any kind of CD-RW… I would also expect that it has at least 4MB buffer cache of more to create a higher quality of copy. For example, Yamaha’s 40X has 8MB + Buffer Under Run protection. With 2MB buffer, it doesn’t really attract me at all. I will wait longer for 4 or 8 MB option available. Memory isn’t that expensive nowadays, I would pay more for a drive with more buffer cache for sure…

Just wait till we have finished our review of this drive. I’m working on the final pages as I’m typing this and it will be finished this weekend or perhaps today. The review will be far more in depth than this one :wink: Oh and btw it’s the VisionTek Xtasy drive not Extasy :wink: