VisionTek 48125W - VS06 (Lite-on) Problem

I’m having a problem buring MorroWind the program has SafeDisc copy protection. I have used serveral methods for backing up this CD, but none have them worked perfectly. I always get a Please enter your CD message whenever I try to run the game.

The following methods have been tried with CD CloneV4.1.10 with the Profiles provided by CDFreaks.

SafeDisc 2 [No AWS] “This would be the correct settings as I should have Correct EFM enconding per CD Freaks Review of Product”

SafeDisk2 [With AWS]

And a Custom profile that I found while trolling the boards. The settings are the following:

[CloneCD ReadPrefs]
[CloneCD WritePrefs]

I have a P4 1.5 Ghz
512 megs of ram
48x 12x 48x VisionTek 48125W

I have not tried adjusting the read/write speed. Other then pluging in the profiles I have not made any changes.

I just purchased this drive last night, beacuse of all the recomendations from people and CDfreaks…

I understand that there is a patch from Bethseda to the new version which will allow me to run the program. But I want to make sure that I can copy SafeDisks without patching the software.

Can someone help? I’m not sure what to do, other then keep adding to my coaster stack.


Although I don’t see your writer as supported on Elby’s site, if it truly is rebadged Liteon, you don’t want aws enabled as you’ll most likely get a coaster. Simply use default “game cd” profile or “safedisk,no aws” from downloaded profiles on sticky thread on ccd forum. If playing from writer you will need “hide cdr media” enabled. No go? Try lower read/write speeds and/or different media.

Hmm, It may seem a stupied question, but how do I do that?

Make sure clone cd tray icon is on, right click on it and there it is. If you are in USA or Japan this is disabled but there is a work around posted in clone faq on ccd forum.