I’ve been burning some videos with Nero VisionExpress and though I’d try adding some chapters into them, so that I can skip to which one I want etc.

But, when I’m watching the DVD all the way through, where each chapter is there is a pause.

Is this meant to happen?

Is there a way around it?

I’ve burned it without chapters and it plays fine.


I take it that nobody knows, or there is no way around it. Pointless feature then.

Oh well.

What version of Nero Vision are you using to create your DVD?

I have made many videos with VE and never had a pause at the chapter marks. Don’t know what would be causing that for you. I have always had great luck with it. I had some problems with VE3 though, the newest update. I had several discs that took longer to process than the actual running time of the disc. Like over 2 hours. This happened several times and I was never able to get an answer from the guys at nero about it so I just went back to VE2 and everything works great again.

I’m using version 3 and never tried it with version 2.

So you think it may just be a problem with the new version.

I don’t know for sure, but I’ve reinstalled VE3 and still had problems with it, so it’s either a problem with VE3 or at least the way it reacts with my computer setup. VE2 I have had no problems with though.

Please try latest NVE3027 update from the download