VisionExpress Transcoding

Hi i’m trying to convert AVI’s into DVD’s - i am using VisionExpress3 to convert the files. Up until a few days ago everything was fine, but now when i try to convert and then burn it just stops when its transcoding.

I’ve tried several different films that all work when played thru Media Player and Nero’s Player. But each film stops at a specific point, its different for each film, one might stop at 20% or one might stop at 72% - i don’t get any errors and the program doesn’t stop. The counter keeps going up but the transcoding stops. :eek:

Can anyone help me? :confused:

Tried AVI repair on some of the files, didn’t make any difference.

Do you’ve the latest version of NVE?

Its - is that the latest version?

Have you installed anything that runs in the background, like an automatic disk defragmenter or something? And yes, that is the latest version of NVE.

No i’ve got nothing running at all - at first i thought that was the problem, but its not - then i thought it was the files i’m using. But i downloaded another Avi to DVD convertor - and that works fine, with all my files.

I’m sure it uses Nero to burn the files onto DVD, but the encoding is done on its own. I’ve never had a problem burning CD’s with Nero, but i’ve only ever been able to produce about 4 DVD’s with Nero. I’ve tried encoding the files to MPEG-2 as well, doesn’t make any difference either, Nero still insists on encoding it.

Nero is a bit poo really…