VisionExpress 2 and 3 problem-crashing

Hi, I have been fighting with this since 10/12/04-ahead support is awful.
I had created a dvd slideshow using the demo version that came with my burner in my e-machines T3092. Wanted better quality, and more features so purchased the whole Nero 6 Reloaded suite…hmmmm…ok say it I guess I am a sucker! Anyway…after upgrading attempted to preview my project…when I clicked the play button horizontal scan lines of 1 pixel height started appearing randomly across my screen, and if I let it run for a while 3-14 seconds, my machine would reboot…winxp home sp2. Sent the file created by their infotool to them with no response for several days…then they told me a newer version (3) was available and that I should try that…so downloaded all of the newest updates, removed all of their apps using their tools, and reinstalled the newest versions. NO CHANGE…system behaves the same…also if use remote GUI tool and hit the play arrow app just shuts down. Told them about it, and they have told me that this is very strange since NO ONE else is experiencing such difficulties! hmmmm seems to be a lot of crashing and no burning going on according to this forum…I think there is some device driver conflicting, I have the latest mb drivers from e-machines… can anyone help?