Vision problem, can't count right

Here’s is a picture of the problem I’m having.

I have Nero Ultra and I’ve started to have this problem late last week. I download Korean drama for my parents and burn it for them. They 700 MB each so it should be 2.8 GB, not over 4.3 GB.

Before this happened, it said I was a bit over 4.3 GB and I was still able to finish the burning process. This only happens when I input .avi files, but when inputting vob files, it’s right. The reason why I want to input avi instead is so it can encode and burn while I’m still at school and be finished when I’m back.

If I have to post a log then I have no clue how to.

Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I’m using DVD-RW and also DVD+RW.

Its more than 4 hours video…and quality would also be good. I suggest converting these first then you can fit all in one DVD

Over 4 hours video on a 4.7gb disc is going to give only a very average quality video however you do it. 2-pass encoding will help improve things a bit. Personally I’d not go over 3hours max.

When processing avi files through NeroVision it’s obviously encoding them to DVD video standard which takes a lot more space than compressed avi files.

If you can’t get it to fit by specifying DVD5 or fit-to-disc then you can always shrink it that last bit with DVD Shrink.

Actually, the quality was good before I had this problem. I was watching it on a 40" or so widescreen TV and it looked the same as it did on the computer. I know I can convert them and etc, but what I’m asking is if there is any way to solve this problem.

Also, when I go to DVD-9 instead of DVD, it says 7.97 GB out of 8.3 GB, or however much it is. This is strange and I know it’s not 7 GB.

NVE is going to give you the best quality it can within the DVD size parameter you select.

For a total of 4 hours on a video I can perfectly understand NVE giving you a 8gb estimate out of 8.3gb.

Try adding the files one at a time and see what the meter does, and watch what video settings will be used to record.

With the first file added, you should see the normal size (after transcoding) using it’s own encoding quality (hold mouse over title to check). When you add a second one, if Nero needs to reduce the quality (probably bitrate) for it to fit on the DVD, you will notice the change in quality from above. If it fits without reducing quality, the settings should be the same until they need to be reduced. Perhaps the quality cannot be reduced further using all four videos, which gives the overburn.

You can also play with some of the settings, like audio to see if you can reduce the size. I believe LPCM audio is the largest. If you look at the quality settings as far as bit rate, it will even tell you how much video will fit on the DVD at different bit rates.

Like Saltgrass said the type of audio selected also alters the size like if u select 5.1 channel it’ll take more space similarly 16:9 aspect ratio takes more space that 4:3 and the like.