Vision Express Problem

Hey everyone,

I use Vision Express to burn a lot of DVDs (and I know many of you will say find another program, but I like to use it because I can make chapters and menus very quickly).

I’ve recently started having problems with the software, though.

Now, whenever I start manually making chapters, the image for the chapter button isn’t in synch with the point at which I put the chapter mark, and when you select a chapter from the menu, it starts the movie from the very beginning.

I’ve been using Nero Vision for a long time, and this issue only started recently.

Any ideas?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the forum.

Have you recently updated NVE by any chance , like from V3 to V4?

No, no updates. It doesn’t make sense to me that it spontaneously stopped working.

In the event that anyone else has the same problem, I got it fixed by removing Nero 7 and all DiVX installations, and reinstalling Nero 6.

I don’t know why this worked. I’m going to remove 6 and try 7 again, I suppose I’ll post the results.

I think other members have gone back to Nero 6 & NVE 3 for similar reasons.

One of the reasons I stick with Nero 6.