Vision Express 3 no audio capture



I am trying to capture some VHS video to convert to DVD with the capture function in Nero Vision Express 3. It captures the video fine, but no audio is herd at playback. I can preview the VHS video with the audio, so I know the input is working. Its just when I start recording and then playback prior to burning to DVD that there is no audio. What am I doing wrong? :confused:


What kind of video capture device are you using? How are you routing the audio into your computer?


I am using an ATI All In Wonder Pro capture card. The source is from a VCR using the composite audio and video inputs. I can preview the audio and video prior to capture. Once I have captured the segment that I want, and replay it, there is no audio output, just the video. As of now I have to capture the segments I want via Windows Movie Maker, save the file, then convert it in Nero Vision Express 3. I had thought I would be able to capture it directly in NVE 3 as the correct format for burning to DVD.


Currently, you won’t be able to capture audio in the Nero program. It does not have the capability to utilize the ATI’s audio capture driver. What you can do is capture from the line in port on your sound card.