Vision Express

Hi there

i have a digital tv card and i have been recording some stuff from it. i use vision express to burn the recorded programs onto dvd+rw to playback on a normal dvd player. i have had a problem with my girlfriends dvd player (samsung) as it does support dvd+rw’s but needs the book type setting to dvd rom. i can do this in nero itself but i dont see the option for doing it in nero vision express… anyone got any ideas where it may be? im using an NEC nd 2500a by the way



Hello Steve,

I checked the NEC 2500 feature page and couldn’t find this feature in the support list. So, I don’t think this drive supports the Book Type option. So, Nero will not display the option in the Nero program.
NEC feature page:



Darrick is right :wink:

However there is always hope:

NEC 2500A Bitsetting firmware (Beta 7)

Sorry guys… i am running the beta7 1.07 f/w from herrie… so i can change the book type in nero just not in vision express. maybe i will have to force it using a utility?