Visible rings on underside of unburned disk

I recently got a bunch of tdk dvds and one apparent thing i have noticed is on all the disk if you look very closely at the right angel, you can see rings in the die. theses are unburned disks right off the spindle. Does that say anything about the quality or reliability or longevity?

Also just on tdk disks I have there always seems to be a spike in the PI errors at the same spot on all the disks.

I would avoid exactly that media, regardless if labelled TDK or Memowrecks…

The scans are very good , but as chef said : CMC MAG M01 are not recommended for archiving .

Can you post some pictures of these so-called rings ? if it is only one ring near the center , it is normal

I Got theses disks a few weeks ago at costco for 2 100 packs for $32. out of the 112 dvds of them i have already invested in burning data to, all have verified with Nero and all seem to have good PIPO scans although my drive seems to vary greatly on that. One scan of a disk can get crazy PI levels at the end and a scan of the same disk without even ejecting is completely fine the second scan.

Heres the best I could do of getting a pic, thats actually a burned disk but it looks the same before its burned to. the rings are only visible and a very fine angel and you might not even notice them if your not looking. My guess is its just variation density in the die.

The patterns on the disk pictured are “normal.”

The rings are a trait of all +R discs. Look at some -R discs, they will not (should not :stuck_out_tongue: ) have this. It’s not a defect of the dye.