Visible rings on burnt dvds with NEC 3550A? Is it normal? Please help

Hello. I have had many years of experience wih DVD burners, and have burned many dvds w/ no errors.

I have exhanged my NEC 3500 with a NEC 3550.

When i burn dvds with stock firmware 1.06, there is very visible color nuances on the burnt dvd. Why do those color diffrences appear…

Can i use the cd-speed Disc Quality feature with this burner, and trust these results??

Would really appriciate any help…

Thx in advance

Im so eager to find a solution :frowning:

Hey everybody i have found a solution…

Strange enough I needed to update from the newest stock firmware 1.06 to the the Mad Dogg firmware 1F3.

I have absolutely no idea why, but it seemed to help… I cant see those damned rings no more :slight_smile:

i have come across those rings once in a while. never knew why they end up there. but am glad you found a solution to your problem. good going.

Don’t worry, it’s normal.

The drive’s write strategy selects the optimum write settings for each section of the disc.

These alter several times across the disc and each time the settings change the drive pauses momentarily. A side effect of this is the rings you refer to.

This is a good sign though as it signifies that each section of the disc is being written using the best settings possible rather than compromising the write strategy over the entire disc.