Ok, This is gonna seem like a stupid question but here goes -

If I order something from a website (Let’s say £30 worth of blank media) and enter my Visa credit card details, After I receive the order, Is that it?

Or is it like this : When I get my end of month statement and £30 is on there, I have to send a cheque or something if direct debit isn’t set up?


You have to pay the credit card company, other than that your order is complete.


The credit card company pays the amount on your behalf and then collects the money from you through normal procedures…you having to pay your credit card bill to your credit card company (in my case it is automatically withdrawn from my bank account…so no extra interest charges)


If I set up Direct Debit, I won’t have to do anything will I? It will automatically be withdrawn from my account. WHat are the advantages of Driect debit and how do I get it? Does ti cost you any esxtra?


Do you mean a direct debit to pay your credit card?




No it cost nothing you should be able to do it over the phone with your credit card company. Once set up the money will be withdrawn from your account.

I am taking it from the posts this is your first one. Be very, very careful you can get in over your head and then trouble can ensue, I am talking from personal experience here as one who was bankrupt by the age of 20 because of being stupid with those damn plastic things.



You only need to set up a direct debit payment for your visa card
if payments are on going, ie, monthly ISP fees,
or ongoing credit purchases via instalments.

Through my bank I set up my visa card payment via cashtill
when payment is due I settle in full religeously as I do not condone debt.

Once your visa account is setup, key in bankcard pin, select visa account onscreen
make payment from bank account, retain reciept.
Job done.


From memory I think if you setup a direct debit it only pays off the minimum amount required each month. So you would keep paying it monthly and the credit card compnay would keep charging you intrest every month.

When you get your credit card bill it should tell you on the back of it the payment methods they accept. So the quicker you can pay it off the less intrest you’ll have to pay.