Virus writers take aim at Microsoft's .Net

I just posted the article Virus writers take aim at Microsoft’s .Net.

A new virus has been discovered aiming for Microsoft’s .Net Intermediate Language, or MSIL.

Known as W32.Donut, the virus does little but infect other .Net files, but it shows that the…

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Imagine if the people that do crap like this actually took the time to be productive rather than destructive.

fb- I partly agree with you it would be nice if they directed their energies in a more productive way… however there will always be those who seek to damage or destroy or exploit other peoples systems, and atleast this is coming out now so the clowns at M$ can look at their .Net and see how to make this tougher to do before final release. Will they? probably not but here’s to hoping they will one day get the clue

I would rather get infected with this virus than one that fdisks my pc upon reboot.

Puckster, That’s BS. I’m tired of hearing the rant that MIcrosoft doesn’t care about security and never checks for anything. That obviosly couldn’t be further from the truth. The problem is, where they have a few hundred developers working on security, there are 200 million 15-24 year old kiddies working to find a way around it.