Virus/ Spyware scans and SSD Wear

I have a Samunsg NC10 with a 32gb Mtron slc ssd installed as an upgrade.

My ISP is Virgin Media ( 10 mbps broadband), and I use their Security software. Do regular scans for virus/spyware/trojans place any wear on the Nand? The latest Virgin Media Security firewall seems very good.since the latest update. The first scan, after the update, found 28 naughties. Since then my scans have discovered zilch.

I tend to run too many scans as I have a fetish for a clean system. If these are wearing the Nand I will cut right back on these.

This is not a question about Anti Virus/ Spyware software by the way. I am content with VMS and it is in their interest to keep the fibre optic network virus etc free.


Usually, reading (and this is what AV software does) should not add to your SSD’s wear.

I might add, that “security software” is not a replacement for a proper system configuration :cool: