Virus scanner Avast 2015 checks router and network security



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That certainly can’t do any harm.

IMO the more types of security checks these sorts of programs make the better.



I was wondering when a security product would do this type of check, as I’ve already seen someone’s router with hijacked DNS settings a few years ago.

Another nice feature I see Avast has is Toolbar reputation, where it checks browser toolbars against user votes (similar to its website reputation) and then brings up a list of toolbars with poor reputation with an option to automatically remove them, e.g. the infamous Ask, MyWebSearch and Inbox toolbars.

On the other hand, I haven’t used Avast on my own PC or laptop in a while due to its pop-up ads, even when I had a paid subscription.


Been using Avast (free) for years now and have not had any pop up ads ever. I have heard other say that they have pop ups though.
My bff is from County Claire. His name is John Thomas Crotty, Just thought that I would share that.


I keep the definitions updated almost daily but I hadn’t updated the program for a while.
I did that today & ran the network scan.
It found a problem I wasn’t aware I had.
When I set up my modem/router I gave it a new admin password.
I though that was all I needed to do as far as passwords for the modem/router.
Avast detected that I still had the “default” user password .
When I checked that was correct.
So I found out I needed to change the user password as well.
My mistake I thought an admin password overrode the use of a user password.
The user is supposed to be able to change less settings but I found I could change some settings as a user.
Second scan said all was good.