Virus on kaspersky



Hello anyone help me
I have recently formatted my computer as i had viruses.
And i have installed Kaspersky anti virus on it. However it keeps saying that i have a virus on it. Just the one virus. Kaspersky doesnt seem to delete it or do anything
Anyone help me


Doesn’t kespersky say what kind of action it wants to take


it doesnt say anything about any action being taken.

I assumed that kaspersky would usually delete it or quarantine the virus however after every scan it comes up again.


This issue is not about my computer but about my friends. Howevere i have kaspersky and my problem is that it the scan shows that i have a malicios threat. and its msn. Is that right?


The only kaspersky scan I have used is the online one but it didn’t find any virus on my os so I can’t say what it does to remove a virus.
The antivirus I’ve used usually quarnteens or heals a virus. Have you tried highlighting the virus in kaspersky & right clicking it to see if you get ant options?
Or is there a menu bar that might have some options?
If you find the way kaspersky removes viruses then you might try running it in Safe mode that may get rid of the virus .
Last if the virus keeps coming back it may be in a system restore file. You may need to temporarily disable system restore .This does delete all old restore points so you won’t have them any more.But it should also delete the virus.


parvez let ous know what happens I just got kespersky about two weeks ago and it seem to work fine and it tells me while online (apopup )if it fine something and it auto. takes care of it.

screamin’ & cryin’ bout theBLUES:cool::bow:


It has many options with it, you can tell it to just automatically so what it thinks is right, ask you first, ask you what you’d like it to do, stuff like that.
It also has parental controls and pop up blockers and things that you can enable or disable and set various options for.
I use their Internet Security myself has a firewall and antivirus and have been quite happy with it for quite a few years.
I don’t think it has ever completely let anything in, it can usually kill or delete anything that crops up but you do have to get all your options right if you want it to let you know about anything trying to sneak in and let you decide what to do.
I have it tell me about everything it finds and I decide what to do then it does it. You can set rules and all kinds of options with my version. I think just the antivirus is a bit simpler but should have a bunch of user options as well so maybe you’ve just got one set some way that it doesn’t ask or ignores the problem files.