Virus designed to delete MP3s reported by Sophos

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 Maybe this  is common knowledge as I don't keep up with such things, but apparently there  is a virus being reported dubbed as Nopir.B, that is spread over P2P networks.  Reportedly originating...
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Brilliant, of cause you have no worries if your not a thieve. I hope to see more of this in the future.

tinku, while I appreciate the stance against piracy… I might point out that with recent legal actions in france taken into consideration… people might have a good deal to worry about. As the article said, the virus is made to look like a DVD cracking tool… and since DRM on DVD’s in France is now illegal and we are all allowed that legal back-up… downloading such a tool would not really have any indication on whether you were a thief or not. If someone simply wanted to get past the illegal DRM on their DVD, which would in theory be entirely legal in France for example. Then this virus would cause havoc to their system and potentially delete perfectly legal mp3’s as well. For example I have roughly 5,000 mp3’s on my computer. All of which were burned from CD’s I purchased. In theory, what I just described would be perfectly legal and could happen to someone who was not a thief or a pirate… but just a simple user trying to do things legally. Let’s not be so ignorant as to assume that things can be labeled in black and white.

You actually dignfied the troll with a reply? ROFL!

The virus is disguised as a crack for anydvd. It’s a nasty one and will really mess up your computer and cost you a few hours getting up and running again, not too mention losing your mp3’s! You can however get them back if you have some good undelete software installed :slight_smile:

Some good forensics work by the authorities would make tracking down the origination of this program is entirely possible. I understand that no big corporation would be pushing the prospect of finding this criminal, but it will be interesting to see if all laws are important to the authorities or just those that favor the movie and recording industries. No doubt this proggie has the potential to effect millions of consumers adversely and destroy billions of dollars in data. Perhaps we will now see if you have to buy law enforcement or if finding this guy is as important as enforcing other computer crime related laws. Since all MP3s are not illegal I wonder just how this program would ever be able to sort them out unless there was help from people in the industy…very interesting.

This is right off of W32/Nopir-B is a worm for the Windows platform. W32/Nopir-B will display an anti-piracy image on the screen when run. The worm will then delete all COM and MP3 files from the computer. The worm will also disable taskmanager, registry tools, and access to the control panel. W32/Nopir-B will also check for debuggers and may attempt to disable any such software that it finds. W32/Nopir-B copies itself to Projects Visual Studio.NETNctrup.exe, Restore.exe, eMuleIncomingAnyDVD Crack+Keygen By Razor.exe. So don’t download that! :d

Great post RLA. I was wondering the exact same thing. If law enforcement is going to “really” go after the creator OR since it seems to be doing “certain companies” a favor, they turn a blind eye to it.

Linux, anyone? :B

“Brilliant, of cause you have no worries if your not a thieve. I hope to see more of this in the future”…and you’re no student of english…:X

AnyDVD Crack+Keygen By Razor.exe

I agree it is foolish to run an exe of this name. At least we can read one name that it goes under, I missed this earlier. :o