Virus Copy protection?!

I just bought Edguy’s “The Savage Poetry” and on the cd it states: “Do not copy! Virus Danger! The manufacturer is neither liable for computer crashes nor hard drive failure nor data loss!!!”

What’s going on? I am asking because before I’ll put that on my computer i want to know whether or not it is going to screw anything in there. Please tell me so in this case, I could go and return the cd to the shop.


I agree, it’s probably a bullshit hoax designed to scare-off the informed.

Regardless, caution is advised. You should definitely turn-off autorun on your drive, in case there is a second data session on the CD that contains some software that gets automatically loaded onto your computer. You should also hold down the SHIFT key as you insert the CD into your computer.

I would say, 1)disable autorun, 2)start EAC, 3)hold down shift key and insert the CD. See what EAC has to say about the disk. chances are you can then rip it just fine.

If you can see a second session on the Cd, you might want to use a water-based felt pen and make some marks on the second session.

Na has to be total BS, record companies get sued if the CDDA isn’t fully playable (hence MacroVison’s CDS being rejected in the states). Sony’s Key2audio which crashed MACs had enough of threats of a law suit - no way there is a virus on that disc.

thanks a lot i just checked it. Totally bs. Not only there isn’t a virus, but there is one season only!

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Sony’s Key2audio which crashed MACs had enough of threats of a law suit.

It seems that copy protected CDs have the ability to crash any drive, or rather to stress them hard, according to this article :


A nice science-fiction novel, thanks :slight_smile:

I wonder what lawsuits will emerge from this :smiley:

We know if one pushes their drive witha damaged disc indeed it could burn it out.

Thanks for the link :smiley: