Virus attack



hi guys
i need little help regarding a virus…
actually a unkown virus came in my pc through usb drive…
after that i was unable to open my disk drives from “my computer” i cant open it by right click>open nor with double click…
so i scaned my pc using these s/w
kaspersky anitvirus 6(after updation)
adware se personal(lastest)
and few registry error correction tools

they elimanated the Suspected files but now again the problem remains the same…i am sending u shots aslo…

now tell me wt to do …???



there is only one solution:

The only way to clean a compromised system is to flatten and rebuild
Jesper M. Johansson, Ph.D., CISSP, MCSE, MCP+I
Security Program Manager
Microsoft Corporation



I mostly agree with Michael, but would like to add that using system imaging software that lets you backup and restore your system to an earlier state is just as safe as performing a re-install, but it’s far less work to get the system back up and running again. The builtin System Restore function cannot be relied upon to safely accomplish this, since a sufficiently clever virus could hide itself in the System Restore files - the system backups must be saved somewhere that the virus cannot possibly reach, e.g. on optical media, tape or external harddrive that isn’t connected to the compromised system.

If you’re not already using such backup methods, it’s too late after the virus has hit you. and that leaves re-installing as the only 100% safe method.

This is probably not what you wanted to hear, but some malware attacks are so insidious these days, that you can’t trust any anti-virus or anti-spyware software to safely clean up your system.


I agree with Drage
I have Acronis true image and can restore my C drive in under 15 minutes (about 9gigs).
I got fed up taking best part of a day to restore my machine to the way I had it before the disaster. I hold the images on a removable hard drive just in case.
As for the virus although my modem has a built in firewall I also use kerio personal firewall and AVG virus checker that would, or at least should, warn me of the disaster to come or prevent it happening at all.
I know you don’t want to hear this now but when you have sorted out your computer it is prudent to take similar steps as I have.
The only program that I had to purchase was Acronis the others having free versions available.


i have reformat every drive ?? or the infected drives??


If you’re careful you can reformat only your C drive and reinstall Windows, update with all security patches, install and update your preferred virus scanner, and use the virus scanner to search and clean your other drives.


You can try this and see if it cleans your virus.

Using the Trend Micro System Cleaner.

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Why do you think does microsoft recommend flattening and rebuilding? No, they won’t annoy their customers…
Just read the article I have quoted.



Microsoft makes money from selling operating systems and applications,
not anti-viruses. They have no interest to explain honestly how viruses
work or propagate and they don’t qualify as experts in this field to be
quoted as reference.

You might as well read it yourself.
“Note that if you can guarantee that the only thing that compromised
the system was a particular virus or worm and you know that this virus
has no back doors associated with it, and the vulnerability used by the
virus was not available remotely, then a virus scanner can be used to
clean the system.”


If u do not have time to redo your pc and you don’t have a proper backup I advise u to use first system restore. Try to restore it to an earlier time previously to the infection
Word of caution though. Disable restore on the other drives (partitions) and copy whatever data u think it’ is important from the C drive to the other partition.

More likely the virus is gone but also your os settings is in a mess. Anyway system restore wouldn’t hurt