Virus and spam problem

my computer seems to be mad.I think it’s been affecting by some virus or something like that.
my problem is : when my laptop is connecting to the internet and when i’m chatting with yahoo messenger the internet was disconnected automatically without my command.
also some strange programes or softwares was installed into my laptop automatically and don’t even know why.
every time when i log on into my computer these softwares always coming up on the screen.
can anybody advise me the way to fix this or show me the website that i can download softwares to destroy these virus and spam once and for all.
thanks in advance for your help. :bow:

what programs did it install? Also look in task manager, anything look funny in there? You can go to for a free antivirus scanner, you could get spybot ( ) to scan for and remove spyware, and finally ad-aware ( ) to scan for and remove adverts. Theres also a microsoft spyware scanner thats free just now ( ), it sometimes detects things the others don’t.

Report back if you find anything.