Virus Alert!

Heads up! I just ran my daily virus scanner (AVG Free) and it found a trojan horse in the AnyDVD file titled RegCheck.exe I don’t know if the infection is mine alone or whether it’s more widespread. I run the scanner daily and the infection wasn’t there the last time I ran it on Thursday of last week. I sent a note to SlySoft requesting that thet check their files.
It’s a jungle out there.


Do a Google search on the following keywords: “AnyDVD and virus”

First, you will find many, many listings on forums such as this where this has been reported, and you will also find a lot of replies to those reports, mentioning that certain virus checkers have a tendancy to report a “false positive” when they encounter AnyDVD. One of those virus checkers, at least (Avast) has had to keep releasing upgrades to their program to patch this problem.

Here is a link:

BUT, you will also notice more than one thread where a different issue has cropped up. Someone has unleashed a virus over two of the most popular file sharing networks which came in the form of a licensing key for AnyDVD. So, some who tried to cheat and avoid paying for the software did apparently pick up a virus, not from the actual program, but from a method to circumvent the built-in license expiration.

Here is a link to that info:

Slysoft has responded to these reports repeatedly reassuring users that as long as they obtain the product DIRECT from Slysoft (and not some bogus mirror site, or another source), you will be fine. In such cases, if your virus checker reports a virus within AnyDVDl, you might want to report the issue to that virus checker, and let them check the issue out.

(I am not affiliated with any of the software discussed here in any way).

Hello Folks,

It should be noted that for some time now that the newer versions of the AnyDVD software programs does not use the RegCheck.exe file in the AnyDVD software program anymore.

If your version of the AnyDVD software program contains the RegCheck.Exe file it is an old outdated version of the AnyDVD software program.

Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and download the latest version of AnyDVD. Then uninstall your old outdated copy of AnyDVD that contains the RegCheck.exe file. Then install the latest copy of AnyDVD that you downloaded from SlySoft (

If interested in the CD Freaks AnyDVD Forum ( this topic is discussed under the topic titled “Virus Alert!”

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