Virus-alert: TROJ_VOTE.A

I just posted the article Virus-alert: TROJ_VOTE.A.

Anotherday a new Worm/virus.
Only this one is a so called vote for peace when you click the .exe that is attached by the email it will forward his self and deleted files on your hd!!


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F**k all virus makers! :frowning:

Yeah. FUCK ALL VIRUS WRITERS. I fucking got a virus yesterday.

:(I hope they Fuckin’ bury the Motherfucker when they eventually catch up with the trickass cocksucker!!! FUCK 'EM!!!:frowning:

Maybe you must not be so stupid to open an executable anyway… :4

i’m ashamed of the first 3 posts. isn’t this supposed to be a site for techs and advanced users? how hard is it to run an updated virus scanner and take simple precations, like i dunno, DON’T OPEN MESSAGES FROM PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW? if you stay off of warez/cracks/porn sites, you shouldn’t have problems with virii. you guys must be the same ones that DL bs like “110kb program cracks porn site pswds.”

Why don’t you suck my Motherfuckin Dick.? Trickass Bitch.