Virtuosa 5.0 - put 1000 music tracks or 5 movies on one DVD



I just posted the article Virtuosa 5.0 - put 1000 music tracks or 5 movies on one DVD.


is a music and movie jukebox that is pretty versatile. Claiming among other things, one-click Mp3, Wma, hybrid, video CDs/DVDs with playlists. Here is what the website has to…

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Does seem no better or worse than musicmatch,which really means its just same o same o :slight_smile:


Sorry for that last comment its was rushed,after downloading the trial it does seem a very interesting program,give it the 30 days and i think it my be worth investing in. :g


This seems to be a very nice software! My recommendation: Give it a try!


Whether or not the software’s any good, the company’s bribe of a $20 discount in return for betraying the private email addresses of five friends is reprehensible. Their site: “IMPORTANT : we respect privacy and will NOT send ANY message to these addresses in the future and will NOT do ANY spamming.” Hate to break it to you, “FunVibes”, but sending unsolicited advertising garbage to people who didn’t ask for it and don’t want it IS spamming. Doesn’t matter if you only send one. It’s spam, and I bet those email addresses end up in a datbase for, err, future reference. And the default email template they send “you should see what I just found!” - literally SCREAMS spam. I don’t care how pretty their software is; this disgusting little scam has put me off anything this company creates for life.