Virtuosa 5.0 (Phoenix) and ripping a certain trance CD


Since I’m a new one, I guess I can make a (possibly) stupid question.
I have an album from 2002 which states “This Disc Uses Copy Control Technology”. It’s a certain trance group, and the label seems to be X-IT/Virgin (although the print on the CD says EMI UDEN). Now, if I use Virtuosa 5.0 Phoenix Edition and want to take some tracks off of the album for back-up purposes (not necessarily the whole album-since 60 percent of it sucks imo), are the tracks with or without the copy protection when I rip them (single tracks) as Mp3’s using the Virtuosa CD Player? When I insert the CD, it opens a CD player which is included on the CD, but Virtuosa shows the tracks on the CD player normally anyway (no names, just track numbers-the first time I inserted the CD I mistakenly put cancel when it wanted to import the information about the tracks).

On the net, the follwing info about the album could be found “Reported corrupt in Norway and Croatia. This is an EMI release. The corrupt format appears to be Cactus-200. Causes the new PowerMac G5 to completely lock up.”

Sorry for the stupid question. I’m really a newbie, so this is something I don’t know anything about.