Virtualdubmod batch mode error

Hi All,

I’m trying to import subtitles into avi files ( hard sub ) using virtualdubmod. I’m not an expert but have converted many avi files into avi with hard sub using virtuoldubmod using textsub filter.But this time I’m trying the batch mode.

I’m opening each video file,one by one and for each video editing the filter ( video -> filter -> textsub -> styles ) and then saving it and while saving addidng it to the job control queue.

But the problem I’m facing is that it is converting each file and job control status shows done but it is not taking into account the subtitle styles setting ( textsub styles setting of font,border style.margin,color etc ).When I open the saved avi file it has the subtitles embedded into the video but with dafult subtitle styles setting. Please help me as I need to convert 50 avi files ( TV series episodes ) and can’t do it one by one.

Please help.

No help ?? :frowning: