VirtualDub - Xvid or x264 codec use - which is preferred?



I have found it to be good when I use VirtualDub and the Xvid codec to encode video for uploading to YouTube and to save television episodes I record from Panasonic DVR with DVD-RAM media. Others have been kind to suggest using x264 to encode instead though. So, I would ask which is to be preferred?

Thank you


Where do you intend to play the videos? If you are playing from a computer, then H264 is fine. There are many media players released in the last couple of years that can also handle H264, in the form of .mp4 or .mkv files, so if you have one of those, I would use this codec, though I personally would use other tools than Vdub.

Xvid avi files work well for dvd players that have divx/xvid support. The vast majority of those dvd players do not play H264.

So your end use is the primary consideration. Good video can be produced using either codec. H264 is what I would use for high definition video, or for saving space and retaining the best quality.

I don’t upload to Youtube, so someone else with experience there may want to chip in. As far as I am aware, Youtube still recommends divx/xvid for their standard def uploads. Don’t know what they want for HD.


Thank you for reply

Video for computer screen is likely the destination. I find best luck with DivX 5.1.1 that is built into a video edit program I found to use for it saves much space over Xvid with same video quality appearing.

I can seem not to find an advantage to x264 (h264) over the DivX 5.1.1 for my area of use. It would be good for a standard that is obvious over all others but I see much variance in use of different encoding and it can be confusing should I try to compare and use more then one of them.