Virtualdub & Virtualdubmod saving WAV probs



You can continue in this thread :slight_smile:


Do you know where I can find this program? I tried google with no definate result. Thanks :slight_smile:


i’ll send u a link


Ok here goes geno888,

I have spent plenty of time scanning through presidencies looking for methods to avoid this, but frankly I’m sick of wasting DVDs in an effort to find out if the similar thread’s solutions will work in my case.

I am trying to burn some TV Rips to DVD. Here’s the problem: The burning process goes fine but when I play it in my dvd player, the audio starts out fine but gradually goes out of sync. DVD rips Burn fine, but I guess TV Rips do not.

From what I can gather from some of the presidencies and from the error in VirtualDub, which I’ve tried to use to fix this problem, is that it has to do with the mp3 compression of the audio being in VBR and not CBR. Does this familiar?

How can I fix this VBR problem?


ok thanks Nosmartz :slight_smile:


convert the vbr to cbr in the app i will pm you


You can try another method. Open the video in virtualdub, then select direct stream copy for video and full processing mode for audio.

Then select Audio --> “Compression” and select a codec, and save again the avi. In this way you don’t need to save a separate wav file, but you can elaborate directly the audio stream compressing it again.

See if this solve :slight_smile:


geno I’ve tried this before, but I don’t know how to choose the right compression. I know I should use the LAME selection, but how do I know which bitrate to select?

Nosmartz, I’m downloading the program now and will let you know how it works out.


Usually 192 is a good bitrate for a mp3 file.


i found this app on a french website…not many use it but what it basically does is demux any audio there is and…can fix audio issues all in one app…it’s a very basic app…i found 0 instruction on how to use it…i just played w/ it and figured it out…no worries…its’ not like photoshop( a b**** to learn)…:open_mouth:


geno, I’ve used that selection and it has still ended up out of sync when burning to DVD.

nosmartz, I assume I want to build VBR time map? Then rebuild index?


u got it…:slight_smile:


hmm just a curiosity: what discs are you using for your burnings?

Most of times playback problems are due to a low quality disc or to a bad burned media, and are not related to the way the movie was encoded.


ok I think I might have the hang of this. Now I leave the video to copy and change the audio to Lame Stereo 192kbps CBR and the quality to… what? What does that even mean? :slight_smile:


geno, Well I’m using Sony DVD+R 4.7GB


i haven’t used it in a few months but basically what it does is re-encode the audio to what bitrate you want and repairs it…and splits the audio from the video file…then you can run it through an authoring app and join the video/audio together


ok cool, but do you know what quality number I should set the audio to?


that’s up to you…doesn’t really matter…since it’s tv i would just go w/ 128 or 160…no biggie really


Ok cool. I’ll fiddle around with this for a bit and let you know the result. Thanks again. :slight_smile:


you got it :slight_smile: