VirtualDub Question

I am trying to use virtualdub to change the audio of an .avi file to a .wav. It starts to change it, but it ends well before it is done. Then when I try to covert to vcd, I get a ideo with sound for about 10 minutes and then no sound. How can I get it to convert the entire file. Is there a setting I need to change?
Any help would be great.

all you do in virtuldub is load the video.avi choose Audio>wav audio then file> save wav
hope this helps

If your .avi file is DivX then the audio in the .avi file will probably be VBR MP3 and not wave (VBR ~ Variable Bit Rate)

It’s pretty easy to rip the audio from .avi’s … just make sure the Direct Stream copy in the Audio menu is selected.