Virtualdub question about file size



I am trying to use virtualdub. I am a video about 5 gb in avi format. I am trying to resize the video to compensate somewhat for overscanning. So I downloaded virtualdub and under the filters added resize and made the new video size 600x450 and then had a black border up to 640x480. I figure this way it would illiminated any overscanning below 7% approximately. When I do then save the avi file using “direct stream copy” the file size is slightly larger but no larger than 6gb. However, it appears that the filter had no effect.

Then I do not use the “direct stream copy” the estimated file size is 40gb. I looked at the compress option but no option jumped out at me to choose.

So here is the question: How do I apply the filter and not end up with a large file size? I would like to keep the file in avi format if possible. And again I am new to this program so a slight explination on how would be greatly appreciated.



You’ve got to select compression & recompress unfortunately.

So you want full processing & select compression from the Video tab & then choose the codec - Xvid or Divx - & configure the quality.


Why is this unfortunately? because of time? quality?

Will this return avi format?

What does configure the quality mean?

Thank you for your reply


It’s unfortunate because of the time & the reduction in quality that always occurs, however slight.

Yes you’ll finish up with an avi file.

And configure for quality is the option you get with the Xvid codec which determines the finished file size.

There are some excellent guides to using the tool, found right here .


when I try and compression do not have the option for xvid or divx



I found the codec and now the files are about 1/4 the size as before? I chose compression using the quality of about 4400 kbps is this good?



I’d say that anything above 1200kbps is good. You’ll notice that many downloadable movies are around 900kbps & the quality is still pretty reasonable.


Maybe because of VBR and improved codecs?! :wink:


Thank you TimC , really I was about get creazy from the movie that I was converted it with sutitle , but the final project is 60 GB !!!