VirtualDUB Please Help me!

I am using VirtualDUB to basically crop an avi of mine. Post processing the video.avi is 272,057 kb in size and about 4.03 minutes long.

Using Virtual Dub I crop off 3 seconds on the front and 3 seconds on the back end of the video. I then “file / save avi” and the final product ends up being 7,812,493 kb! :faint:

It seems no matter what I do to the settings I cant get this to save around the same size as the original! What am I doing wrong?

Sounds like you are using full processing mode and saving as uncompressed avi. Go to Video, then change from Full processing mode to Direct stream copy. Make your cuts at the ends, then save as avi.

Thanks so much! For some reason I was making those changes but it made no difference. Because you suggested it though, I was rather certain I was on the right track. So I made the selections, closed out of it, re-open it and then tried again and it worked.

For the life of me I dont know why it behaved that way… but it is working now.

Like Kerry explained, you need to re-compress the output, otherwise you get uncompressed avi…