Virtualdub crash

Hello. I’m trying to add subtitles to an avi file but virtualdub crashes randomly during the process.

My config:

Video > Full processing mode ON
Compression > ffdshow / MPEG4 XViD (both crash)
Filters > Subtext 2.23 (.srt file)
Audio > Source

AVI Input Details :

Size: 640x272, 23.976 fps
Length: 71910 frames
Decompressor: xvid mpeg 4
Key frames: 888
min/avg/max key frame size: 1939/38428/115990 (33325k)
min/avg/max/total delta frame size: 7/9085/118398 (630157k)
data rate: 1812 kbps (.25% overhead)

audio stream

sampling rate: 48000Hz
channes: 2 stereo
compression: Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 Codec
rate: 126kbps (5.8% overhead)

Crash log:

VirtualDub crash report – build 24469 (release)

01e35920: 74ff jz 01e35921
01e35922: 0f74c0 pcmpeqb mm0, mm0
01e35925: 0fd838 psubusb mm7, [eax]
01e35928: 0fd80410 psubusb mm0, [eax+edx]
01e3592c: 0fe0f7 pavgb mm6, mm7
01e3592f: 0fe0f8 pavgb mm7, mm0
01e35932: 0f6f26 movq mm4, [esi]
01e35935: 0f6f2e movq mm5, [esi]
01e35938: 0fd8e6 psubusb mm4, mm6
01e3593b: 5e pop esi
01e3593c: 0fd8ef psubusb mm5, mm7
01e3593f: 0f7f21 movq [ecx], mm4
01e35942: 0f7f2c11 movq [ecx+edx], mm5
01e35946: c3 ret
01e35947: 90 nop
01e35948: 90 nop
01e35949: 90 nop
01e3594a: 90 nop
01e3594b: 90 nop
01e3594c: 90 nop
01e3594d: 90 nop
01e3594e: 90 nop
01e3594f: 90 nop
01e35950: 8b442408 mov eax, [esp+08h]
01e35954: 8b54240c mov edx, [esp+0ch]
01e35958: ff4c2410 dec dword ptr [esp+10h]
01e3595c: 0f6f10 movq mm2, [eax]
01e3595f: 0f6f5801 movq mm3, [eax+01h]
01e35963: 0f6ff2 movq mm6, mm2
01e35966: 0fe0d3 pavgb mm2, mm3
01e35969: 0fefde pxor mm3, mm6
01e3596c: 8b4c2404 mov ecx, [esp+04h]
01e35970: 0f6f3d50ffe501 movq mm7, [01e5ff50]
01e35977: 0f8473010000 jz 01e35af0
01e3597d: 8d6d00 lea ebp, [ebp+00h]
01e35980: 0f6f0410 movq mm0, [eax+edx]
01e35984: 0f6f4c1001 movq mm1, [eax+edx+01h]
01e35989: 0f6ff0 movq mm6, mm0
01e3598c: 0fe0c1 pavgb mm0, mm1
01e3598f: 8d0450 lea eax, [eax+edx2]
01e35992: 0fefce pxor mm1, mm6
01e35995: 0febd9 por mm3, mm1
01e35998: 0f6ff2 movq mm6, mm2
01e3599b: 0feff0 pxor mm6, mm0
01e3599e: 0fdbde pand mm3, mm6
01e359a1: 0fe0d0 pavgb mm2, mm0
01e359a4: 0f6f30 movq mm6, [eax]
01e359a7: 0fdbdf pand mm3, mm7
01e359aa: 0ff8d3 psubb mm2, mm3
01e359ad: 0f7f11 movq [ecx], mm2 <-- FAULT
01e359b0: 0f6f10 movq mm2, [eax]
01e359b3: 0f6f5801 movq mm3, [eax+01h]
01e359b7: 0fe0d3 pavgb mm2, mm3
01e359ba: 0fefde pxor mm3, mm6
01e359bd: 0febcb por mm1, mm3
01e359c0: 0f6ff0 movq mm6, mm0
01e359c3: 0feff2 pxor mm6, mm2
01e359c6: 0fdbce pand mm1, mm6
01e359c9: 0fe0c2 pavgb mm0, mm2
01e359cc: 0fdbcf pand mm1, mm7
01e359cf: 0ff8c1 psubb mm0, mm1
01e359d2: 0f7f0411 movq [ecx+edx], mm0
01e359d6: 8d0c51 lea ecx, [ecx+edx
01e359d9: 0f6f0410 movq mm0, [eax+edx]
01e359dd: 0f6f4c1001 movq mm1, [eax+edx+01h]
01e359e2: 0f6ff0 movq mm6, mm0
01e359e5: 0fe0c1 pavgb mm0, mm1
01e359e8: 8d0450 lea eax, [eax+edx*2]
01e359eb: 0fefce pxor mm1, mm6
01e359ee: 0febd9 por mm3, mm1
01e359f1: 0f6ff2 movq mm6, mm2
01e359f4: 0feff0 pxor mm6, mm0
01e359f7: 0fdbde pand mm3, mm6
01e359fa: 0fe0d0 pavgb mm2, mm0
01e359fd: 0f6f30 movq mm6, [eax]
01e35a00: 0fdbdf pand mm3, mm7
01e35a03: 0ff8d3 psubb mm2, mm3
01e35a06: 0f7f11 movq [ecx], mm2
01e35a09: 0f6f10 movq mm2, [eax]
01e35a0c: 0f6f5801 movq mm3, [eax+01h]
01e35a10: 0fe0d3 pavgb mm2, mm3
01e35a13: 0fefde pxor mm3, mm6
01e35a16: 0febcb por mm1, mm3
01e35a19: 0f6ff0 movq mm6, mm0
01e35a1c: 0feff2 pxor mm6, mm2
01e35a1f: 0f db 0fh

Built on KOS-MOS on Sat Nov 04 21:36:36 2006 using compiler version 1200

Windows 5.1 (Windows XP build 2600) [Service Pack 2]

EAX = 03286c0b
EBX = 0000000d
ECX = 690b025b
EDX = 00000180
EBP = 00000003
ESI = 00000180
EDI = 03c3cc88
ESP = 03c3c5a0
EIP = 01e359ad
EFLAGS = 00010296
FPUCW = ffff027f
FPUTW = ffffaaaa

Crash reason: Access Violation

Crash context:
An out-of-bounds memory access (access violation) occurred in module ‘xvidcore’…

…writing address 690B025B…

…while compressing frame 14473 from 037b0020 to 02db0020 using codec “XviD MPEG-4 Codec” (VideoSequenceCompressor.cpp:618)…

…while running thread “Processing” (thread.cpp:150).

Pointer dumps:

EAX 03286c0b: 7e7e7d7d 7d7d7d7e 7c7c7c7d 7d7d7d7c 7d7d7d7d 7d7d7d7d 7d7d7d7d 7d7d7d7d
EDI 03c3cc88: 0000003f ffffffc0 0000003f ffffffc0 00100000 00000000 00000000 00000000
ESP 03c3c5a0: 01de0ba4 025b3060 0328690b 00000180 ffffffff 02524408 025b3060 00000180
03c3c5c0: 025b3060 03273c8b 00000180 ffffffff 00000001 03c3cc88 00000000 00000001
03c3c5e0: 0000000f 01e263f2 025b3060 00000180 025b3060 024b3741 00000001 0000000f
03c3c600: 03c3ccac 00000300 00000001 02429d17 00000001 00000000 0000006d 00000000

Thread call stack:
01e359ad: xvidcore!xvid_plugin_dump [01dc0000+654f0+104bd]
01de0ba4: xvidcore!00020ba4
01e263f2: xvidcore!xvid_plugin_dump [01dc0000+654f0+f02]
01e06887: xvidcore!xvid_encore [01dc0000+26d84+1fb03]
01dfcd72: xvidcore!xvid_encore [01dc0000+26d84+15fee]
01dfc7f2: xvidcore!xvid_encore [01dc0000+26d84+15a6e]
7c938734: ntdll!RtlLookupAtomInAtomTable [7c910000+28436+2fe]
7c939090: ntdll!RtlLookupAtomInAtomTable [7c910000+28436+c5a]
7c938726: ntdll!RtlLookupAtomInAtomTable [7c910000+28436+2f0]
01dfd033: xvidcore!xvid_encore [01dc0000+26d84+162af]
7c920833: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+25f]
7c920895: ntdll!RtlImageDirectoryEntryToData [7c910000+10856+3f]
01e01e85: xvidcore!xvid_encore [01dc0000+26d84+1b101]
1000bd12: xvidvfw!DriverProc [10000000+6d20+4ff2]
7c859e18: kernel32!OutputDebugStringA [7c800000+59b5c+2bc]
10001080: xvidvfw!00001080
01de67cf: xvidcore!xvid_plugin_single [01dc0000+2678c+43]
01e009d0: xvidcore!xvid_encore [01dc0000+26d84+19c4c]
01e009e4: xvidcore!xvid_encore [01dc0000+26d84+19c60]
01e01b9a: xvidcore!xvid_encore [01dc0000+26d84+1ae16]
01e019f1: xvidcore!xvid_encore [01dc0000+26d84+1ac6d]
01de86ec: xvidcore!xvid_encore [01dc0000+26d84+1968]
01de9416: xvidcore!xvid_encore [01dc0000+26d84+2692]
01de93e1: xvidcore!xvid_encore [01dc0000+26d84+265d]
01e0f930: xvidcore!xvid_decore [01dc0000+4b834+40fc]
01e0fdf3: xvidcore!xvid_decore [01dc0000+4b834+45bf]
01e0fed8: xvidcore!xvid_decore [01dc0000+4b834+46a4]
01e599af: xvidcore!xvid_plugin_dump [01dc0000+654f0+344bf]
01e59910: xvidcore!xvid_plugin_dump [01dc0000+654f0+34420]
01e1886d: xvidcore!xvid_decore [01dc0000+4b834+d039]
01e16def: xvidcore!xvid_decore [01dc0000+4b834+b5bb]
01e01b9a: xvidcore!xvid_encore [01dc0000+26d84+1ae16]
01e241fc: xvidcore!xvid_decore [01dc0000+4b834+189c8]
01e0ce0b: xvidcore!xvid_decore [01dc0000+4b834+15d7]
01e0bdfc: xvidcore!xvid_decore [01dc0000+4b834+5c8]
01e0ccd4: xvidcore!xvid_decore [01dc0000+4b834+14a0]
01e0c9aa: xvidcore!xvid_decore [01dc0000+4b834+1176]
77d19e44: USER32!ClientThreadSetup [77d10000+9e0a+3a]
77d194e3: USER32!GetWindowLongA [77d10000+947c+67]
77d1b7ab: USER32!SendMessageW [77d10000+b762+49]
77d4033c: USER32!IsDlgButtonChecked [77d10000+30315+27]
10008582: xvidvfw!DriverProc [10000000+6d20+1862]
01de6dcd: xvidcore!xvid_encore [01dc0000+26d84+49]
1000703d: xvidvfw!DriverProc [10000000+6d20+31d]
10006fcc: xvidvfw!DriverProc [10000000+6d20+2ac]
7c920833: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+25f]
7c920833: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+25f]
7c80b5b8: kernel32!GetModuleHandleA [7c800000+b529+8f]
7c80b58c: kernel32!GetModuleHandleA [7c800000+b529+63]
7c80b5a1: kernel32!GetModuleHandleA [7c800000+b529+78]
7c925041: ntdll!bsearch [7c910000+14ffb+46]
7c925233: ntdll!bsearch [7c910000+14ffb+238]
7c9255c9: ntdll!RtlHashUnicodeString [7c910000+15465+164]
7c925152: ntdll!bsearch [7c910000+14ffb+157]
7c92554a: ntdll!RtlHashUnicodeString [7c910000+15465+e5]
7c9253f5: ntdll!RtlFindActivationContextSectionString [7c910000+15319+dc]
7c925af1: ntdll!RtlDosApplyFileIsolationRedirection_Ustr [7c910000+157a3+34e]
7c920732: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+15e]
7c920732: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+15e]
7c9206ab: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+d7]
7c9206eb: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+117]
7c920732: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+15e]
7c920732: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+15e]
7c9206ab: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+d7]
7c9206eb: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+117]
7c920732: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+15e]
7c920732: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+15e]
7c9206ab: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+d7]
7c921414: ntdll!wcsncpy [7c910000+10a8f+985]
7c921596: ntdll!wcsncpy [7c910000+10a8f+b07]
7c9206eb: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+117]
7c920732: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+15e]
7c9206ab: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+d7]
7c9206eb: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+117]
77ef8b3c: GDI32!CreateFontIndirectExW [77ef0000+8abc+80]
77ef8b17: GDI32!CreateFontIndirectExW [77ef0000+8abc+5b]
7c921538: ntdll!wcsncpy [7c910000+10a8f+aa9]
7c9206eb: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+117]
7c920732: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+15e]
7c921538: ntdll!wcsncpy [7c910000+10a8f+aa9]
7c9206eb: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+117]
7c920732: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+15e]
7c9206ab: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+d7]
7c9206eb: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+117]
7c921bff: ntdll!RtlInitializeCriticalSection [7c910000+11b2d+d2]
7c921dac: ntdll!RtlInitializeCriticalSection [7c910000+11b2d+27f]
7c920eca: ntdll!wcsncpy [7c910000+10a8f+43b]
7c92056d: ntdll!RtlFreeHeap [7c910000+1043d+130]
7c920732: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+15e]
7c91d4ea: ntdll!NtAllocateVirtualMemory [7c910000+d4de+c]
7c9280ff: ntdll!RtlReAllocateHeap [7c910000+179fd+702]
7c921bff: ntdll!RtlInitializeCriticalSection [7c910000+11b2d+d2]
7c92825d: ntdll!RtlReAllocateHeap [7c910000+179fd+860]
7c921538: ntdll!wcsncpy [7c910000+10a8f+aa9]
7c921596: ntdll!wcsncpy [7c910000+10a8f+b07]
7c9206eb: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [7c910000+105d4+117]
7c92056d: ntdll!RtlFreeHeap [7c910000+1043d+130]
7c927cb7: ntdll!RtlReAllocateHeap [7c910000+179fd+2ba]
7c927bf5: ntdll!RtlReAllocateHeap [7c910000+179fd+1f8]
7c927bb0: ntdll!RtlReAllocateHeap [7c910000+179fd+1b3]

– End of report

Any help appreciated.

My guess is that your source file contains corruption

Well actually I have tested it with 3 different videos, that would be bad luck if the 3 are corrupted

Looks like you have bad luck :sad: