VirtualDub: compression not available

Hi all. I’ve a problem with VirtualDub. I’ve set all the settings according to the tutorial, including YUY2 as the format. But when I go to Video->Compression, the only choice available is No Compression. How do I make the other compression choices available? ADVthanksANCE

Oh yes, the “we figure you know everything already” guide.

You gonna need to install codecs before you can compress stuff. VDub is a platform, it doesn’t include any video or audio codecs. Get the DivX codec (stardard free version) from, install it and you’ll see something under compression in VDub.

:iagree: Yep, that’s the one!

Thanks, Stoner. After some searching (it wasn’t in its original location), I found and downloaded huffy (the one recommended by the guide). That compression is now available to me. It is a no-loss one which supposedly gives a 50% compression. My first quick trial showed one minute of video to use 414 MB, where the raw 1 minute used 1 GB. Pretty good, but still gonna need a whole lotta disk space for a two-hour movie :eek: !

So, if I want other compressions, I need to find, download, and install them? Is there a good source to start my search?

Download the Full version - 8.25MB
and here

Use Xvid rather than Divx if you can, if you intend to use Divx :wink:
Xvid will take 2x longer (for the same settings), but will:

  1. Give better quality.
  2. Give a guaranteed file size.
  3. Allows the video type to be set as Divx and is also Divx Compatible.

Use two passes for best quality.

Do not use variable bitrate audio codecs for Video files because of audio/video synch issues.

GREAT links, Debro, thanks :wink: !

Perhaps I’m atypical, but my primary interest is to get 'em onto DVD to view stand-alone, rather than view on the 'puter. Which codec recommended for that?

Then you need an MPEG2 encoder, and a DVD Authoring package.

MPEG2 Encoders:
CinemaCraft Encoder (CCE) @
Canopus Procoder @
MainConcept Encoder @

DVD Authoring packages:

Sonic Scenarist @
TMPG DVD Author @
can’t think of any more at the moment.


Thanks, MLS. Another great set of links :wink: !

Okay, it looks like none of the MPEG2 encoders are free. Does anyone know of a free one?

Alternatively, it appears that Nero 6 Ultra includes an MPEG2 encoder. The upgrade is $50, which is less than any of the other encoders I’ve found. I’m planning on buying the upgrade anyway, since my 5.5 OEM won’t work with my new Sony DVD+/-RW drive.

Can anyone tell me whether the Nero encoder is as good as any of the others?