VirtualDub 1.9.7

VirtualDub 1.9.8

Changes in this release:
Build 32706 (1.9.8, stable): [December 24, 2009]
[bugs fixed]

  • Fixed occasional hang with certain conversion paths from 8-bit (256
    color) to YCbCr formats.
  • Fixed bug where two curve points on top of each other in the curve editor
    didn’t save properly in script files.
  • Fixed decompression error in IFF ANIM decoder when entire bitplanes were
  • Filters: Fixed glitches in IVTC pattern in the first five frames of
  • Filters: Fixed occasional crash when 3D acceleration is enabled and the
    3D device is lost.
  • Filters: Fixed bugs where the curve display would either show the wrong
    frames or fail to step in certain circumstances.
  • Filters: Blends are no longer allowed on filters where the input and
    output have different formats; this didn’t work and produced a corrupted
  • Filters: Fixed crash in smoother filter with MMX disabled.
  • Decoders: Fixed crash in Motion JPEG decoder on certain kinds of corrupt
  • Frameserver: Fixed random crash issue related to stream format structure.
  • Hex editor: Fixed bug where ‘O’ and ‘S’ activated open and save commands
    instead of Ctrl+O and Ctrl+S.

VirtualDub 1.9.10