VirtualDub 1.5.8 (18068) Stable Released

You can find the new version here.

Random Helpful Tip: The heat dissipation of a 3GHz Pentium 4 CPU is not wasted if your room is freezing cold, as mine is right now. I’m tempted to overclock it in order to warm the room up some more.

1.5.8 is out on SourceForge and is once again a minor “stable” release. Those of you who actually read my change notes (all three of you) will notice that the “access denied SMP bug fix” has mysteriously jumped from 1.5.7 to 1.5.8. This fix was supposed to go into 1.5.7, but got omitted at the last minute due to a source code control error. (It was stuck in the client spec of the machine that had bad RAM.) The fix has been pushed out with 1.5.8 and those of you with SMP or HyperThreaded systems should no longer have to whack CPU affinities to bypass the random errors. Other goofs that have been fixed are an inability to run under Windows 95 (oops), and displays not coming up with 8-bit paletted video.

Work is still continuing on the experimental branch, which has now been pushed to 1.5.9, obviously. I have a cleaner and more versatile image library in progress that will support planar formats, and in particular, the 1.5.9/exp display code can now handle YV12. Prototyping of a new video filter system is also in progress, although it’s still quite rudimentary and hasn’t been hooked into the main system yet. The toughest part is figuring out what I do and don’t want to support; if I had tried to support everything I could have thought of when I made the original filter API I never would have finished it. The good news is that the old filter API can easily be retrofitted, so whatever I come up with should be able to support existing filters.

Current build (1.5.8, stable):
[features added]

  • DirectDraw support is disabled when Terminal Services
    or Remote Desktop clients are detected to work around
    a DirectX clipping bug.
  • Re-enabled places bar on open and save dialogs.
  • Disabled FPU state warning and made the fixup silent.
    WAY too many drivers are screwing up the FPU unit.
  • Edit lists can now be omitted from configuration
    files without needing to close the source file.

[bugs fixed]

  • Main window is disabled during MPEG-1 scan to prevent
    crash if main window is closed.
  • Previous-key and next-key movement commands were not
    correct for B-frames in an MPEG-1 file.
  • Fixed decoding of MPEG-1 B-frames at the start of
    GOPs with broken_link set.
  • Palette change blocks no longer appear as garbage
    video streams. In-stream palette changes are still
    not supported, however.
  • biSizeImage was incorrect when using fast recompress
    in YV12 mode.
  • Sequence appends failing on the first file now throw
    an error rather than a warning.

[regressions fixed]

  • A race condition in the fast write code occasionally
    resulted in spurious write errors.
  • Fixed swapped 00db/00dc tags in AVI output.
  • Fixed display of 8-bit paletted video.
  • Program starts under Windows 95 again.