VirtualDrive crashes system with BSOD when I mount an image

Anyone know if SlySoft knows about an issue in which VirtualDrive crashes a machine with a BSOD when mounting an image file? I have sent the crash data off to Microsoft, so maybe Microsoft can pass the data off to them.

Is it virtual drive from slysoft program?

I’m guessing he meant Virtual CloneDrive which is Elby but on the Slysoft download page.

Trparky -

Confirming that you are referring to the SlySoft/Elaborate Bytes Virtual CloneDrive (Version ?

Maybe the below “Beginners Guides: Crash Recovery - Dealing with the Blue Screen Of Death” Web Link might be helpful to you ->

As noted in the above referenced Web Link when the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) screen appears an Error Notice Narrative and Error Code are displayed explaining the cause of BSOD. Provide this information and possibly knowledgeable Forum Members will be able to use this information in attempting to assist you.