VirtualDrive 10 Pro - Disable IDE CD-Rom


The brand new version of VirtualDrive 10 Pro by Farstone offers a funcion called Enable/Disable IDE CD-Rom. And they said, that their software manages StarForce 1-3 !!!

So maybe the first program to beat StarForce 3 by software !!!

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Any experiences ?

Infos at:

Download at:


SafeDisc 4.6 (Quake IV, CoD 2 etc.) -> ok !!!

SecuROM 7 (Lego Star Wars etc.) -> ok !!!

StarForce 3 (GTR FIA Racing etc.) -> ok !!!

check the games at:

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i bet it won’t last long 'til it’s (also) blacklisted - at least SF will be very fast, i think…

Maybe, but they integrated a live-update function :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

gonna give a try @ this one :wink: thanx for the info

I’m curious if the IDE disabler can also fool Starforce 3.6. Does anyone have the game King Kong to try this out?
I’m almost certain it will not work.

i wonder if it work’s with The Suffering - Ties That Bind

I can confirm UFO: Aftershock with protection Starforce is working.
I used VirtualDrive 10 Trial, hit Disable IDE.
Loaded Alcohol image in DT4 and run the game via shortcut.

I have one IDE DVD-ROM, two SATA hard drives and external USB2 DVD-RW.

I can also confirm The Suffering: Ties That Bind with protection StarForce is working.

I guess the Disable IDE function will no longer work when the trial expired? Or is it some separate tool?

Ok, I just tried this thing with Trackmania Sunrise and it does NOT work. The game has Starforce 3.4 and works when using DT4 and Starforce Nightmare.
And when I wanted to re-enable IDE, it gave me some error that there are no drives present. WTF? This thing hides my drives for itself or what? :doh:

Already uninstalled this piece of crap. It seemed like it just disabled the drives in device manager, because all I had to do to get my IDE drives back was to enable them.
People at Farstone have no idea what they’re doing, they should know that this method does NOT work with Starforce.

how comes it that this is exactly what i expected? :cool:

Well, why did it work for me?

Hoping you NOT MOUNTED the CloneImage in your USB, becouse MANY of
SF games/versions cannot handle USB drive and if you Mount in it, the game
WORKS! If used your USB drive I guess did work for you!!! And not for
the Farstone Virtualdrive 10… Please answer!

USB2 drive was disconnected, it usually is because it is quite noisy.
Image was mounted from SATA hard drive via DT4.

VirtualDrive 10 just disabled IDE DVD-ROM I have.

Beware this program will overwrite dozens of windows system files, change your device drivers, add several more useless startup programs and conflict with any other cd/dvd rom software you have.

no since 3.5 version…

can need for speed most wanted be copied?

Need For Speed 2: Most Wanted uses SafeDisc 4.60 not Starforce.


can it be copied though? does this progrm remove the protection off the disc?