Virtual weapon peddler killed with real one

A CHINESE gamer stabbed to death another player for selling his cyber ‘sword’ for real money.

The cyber sword was not real, but the weapon Qiu Chengwei, 41, used to stab Zhu Caoyuan was really sharp and pointy, a Shanghai court was told.

According to the China Daily, the pair played an online game called the Legend of Mir 3 where one of the things you ‘win’ are famous unreal swords. Chengwei and a friend won one such weapon last February, and ‘lent it’ to Caoyuan who flogged it to another player for 7,200 yuan (A$1,129) in real money.

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oh my god. That is rediculous. This reminds me of the guy that bought virtual land on the internet for like $50,000.