Virtual Sound Cards and Tunebite

I have a question about virtual sound cards.

I love tunebite and I have a computer that I want to re-record the songs into mp3. The computer doesn’t have a sound card though. I was able to fool Windows with a RigExpert virtual sound card, but tunebite won’t get past the sound card testing step on installation. Do I need to have a physical sound card in the computer in order to convert? I want to use tunebite on that computer, and then listen to the songs on another computer that I use for work (I don’t want this computer to be cluttered with Yahoo’s music program and tunebite running all day).

Any help is appreciated.

So you want to re-record songs into a mp3, You can get Audacity:
and download the LAME MP3 encoder. If you do this, Download Audacity and LAME MP3 encoder then open your origianal file. The go to file and export as Mp3 then it will ask you where LAME MP3 encoder and then open LAME MP3 encoder. Once you done that it should export as an mp3 file. I donno if this will help you but it’s worth a shot.

Somehow I think I accidently fixed my problem. I installed the RigExpert virtual audio device, then installed tunebite (which didnt finish its setup because it could not get past the soundcard testing part). Then I uninstalled the RigExpert and a tunebite sound driver was left was my system sound device. Now it works.