Virtual Pool 3 - Safedisk v1



Anyone know how to bypass this so i don’t have to use my VP3 disk in the rom? I tried to make a mini-image the same way you do for SD2 and such but it didn’t work, anyone help me out?


For SD1 i think your mini image needs to include the whole bad sectors zone. (ie stop it after the last read errors, near sector 11000)


It doesn’t show any read errors at the beginning like in SD2 and such, not sure if it is suppose to or not?


SD1? just copy the disc its practically unprotected


If there are no read errors at all then it’s not safedisc protected. For safedisc 1 there should be between 800 and 2,350 read errors in the first ~10,500 sectors.

My guess is that if the game were originally released with safedisc 1 protection, then you’ve got an unprotected “budget” re-release. As slayerking said- “just copy the disc”.


Tried that, but it wouldn’t play it after we copied it. Or should i use the disk with deamon tools and use the emulater or whateveR?


Has anyone solved this problem with Virtual Pool 3? I have same issue. Have tried recommended software and procedures. Several ways. Still cannot make a workable image.

Any help here?