Virtual Pool 3 CloneCD

Hello, all: A noob to this forum, but not to PC’s. Anyways, over two years ago, I purchased VP 3 and, as is my want, I made a backup of it using CloneCD, with no problems. A few days ago, while moving, a few of my games got trashed while moving. Anyway, now, while trying to make another backup of VP 3, I start CloneCD, start making an image file, and the transfer rate drops to 3KB’s a second, and there’s a noise in the CD ROM like the head is thrashing a bit, and even after 20 minutes the progress meter doesn’t reach even 1%. This is the same CD ROM (Optorite) that I used before and, in any case, the other backups I’ve made read to the image file just fine… and they’re newer game CD’s. Has anyone else had this prob? Other forum threads concerning VP 3 don’t list this problem. Thanx bunches, in advance.

The game is obviously safedisc protected. There will be between 800 and 2,000 read errors in the first 10,000 sectors or so (usually about the first 3%).

Just be patient and let the program work its way through the bad sector area. Once it’s finished doing the first 10,000 sectors or so it will speed up to normal ripping speed a the rest of the disc will only take a few minutes.