Virtual memory error?

Hi all,
First of all im brand new to all this. I am trying to burn video to disc in a DVD format, so that I can play back on a conventional DVD player.
But, as soon as i start the process using Nero-6, my CPU uses 100% of its resources, then after maybe half an hour I get an error message relating to the - my systems virtual memory.
I am using windows xp pro, i have an - AM Athlon™ 2400+, 2.00GHz, 768mb of ram, 200gb hard drive.
Can any one please tell me if i might be doing something wrong, or could it be the system that i am using, and do i need to upgrade something to avoid this problem, and burn successfully to DVD?
Any help would be great

What version of Nero vision are you using?

Go to the help menu and select about. That will give you the version number.

There are many things that might not have done. You need to give a bit more detail about what hardware you have as well. eg make of DVD writer etc.
Firstly, make sure you have DMA enabled. This commonly causes this sort of problem.
Also, make sure that the DVD writer is selected as Master on the secondary channel.

Thanks for the replies,
The version of nero vision is - express 2,
The DVD writer is - Sony DVD RW - DW - U18A
Regarding - make sure you have DMA enabled, and - make sure that the DVD writer is selected as Master on the secondary channel, its a bit to technical for me at this stage, with my nero 6 i can’t access any help files.
Can you please explain what these are for
Thanks again