Virtual Memory Cleansing - "SwapFile OverWriter"



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Here is a very handy & hard to find tool. It serves 2 purposes: 1. Security & 2. Very healthy maintenance. Whether or not Windows manages your swap file or you set it yourself, it gets cluttered in…

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it usually helps if you let people know what the zip password is… :8


oops - so very sorry - hey, I’m new here. The password is what we like to do with out pc’s: tweaktweakwteak


anyone know if it is safe to use it with windows 2000? thanx.


Just a general remark: I think it is not very smart to trust, download and run these kind of files / programs … that are , for example, being hosted on Tripod. One should know better !!! (trojans horses, virusses etc … etc … ). Greetz


You don’t need this to clean your swap file. The best way to clean it. Is Delete it in Dos Mode. Widows will automatecly create a fresh one whens it boots. IE. cdwindows del *.swp then reboot.


I have been using this program for 5 years & I am aware of who uploaded this for us so I feel it is safe for win95 & win98 for sure. A 2 times wipe is better than just plain “delete”. I do believe (correct me if I’m wrong) that with regular delete info can be retrieved from hard disk - with a 7 times “government” pass it cannot - I believe that a 2 times pass of writing zero’s is better & different than ordinary delete. I do not know if this prog is ok on WindowsMe or 2000…The best benefit for me is that, like delete, Windows rebuilds the swap file after this procedure & this procedure is automatic which is a lot less hassle than manually deleting - Most probably, as far as tweaking the Pc & rebuilding the swap file, this program & simply deleting the *.swp file in dos get the exact same results


A quote from the ReadMe file “(NT is not supported).” :c but If anyone tries it on Win2K let us know… I’ll be re-installing to another computer in a few weeks, I’ll try it then.


Well I looked into that theory of a file can be undeleted. This is true. But not if you use the same name in which case windows always names the swap file the same on the same drive and directory. Its impossiple to retrieve it when its deleted. I tried using recover98 and the old file of course disappeared becuase a new file with the same name replaced it.


Good point - i think the essential thing is force windows to rebuild the swap file upon bootup - if there was a program that could run in dos during bootup, I would do that - I have found forcing windows to make a brand new swap file one of the greatest & simplest tweaks (theres that bird again). I would love to wipe or delete the swp file at the very beginning of each bootup - even if it takes longer - I bet there is a way to configure that file to do that - or use del c:*swp in a bootup file?