Virtual Image will Mount and Install - Won't Burn and Pass Verification

I’ve known about this for some time, but I never thought to come here for answers. My issue is that I have certain disc images (iso, bin/cue, etc.) that will burn but will not pass the data verification (Nero Express 6 or 7). So far these have always been DVD images. If I attempt to install the resulting DVD, the install always completes but often the installed program will not launch (missing dll errors).

The crazy thing is that I can successfully mount these particular images with Daemon Tools and install/launch with no problems. Then use the installed software no problem. I only have issues when I try to burn.

It doesn’t matter if I burn the image normally, or if I simply burn the image as data (to be mounted later). These particular images always burn then fail verification.

The crazy thing is that I have a 95% success rate with all my other burns, whether data, DVD Video or images. It’s just that sometimes certain images will not burn properly no matter how many attempts are made. They mount perfectly but won’t burn perfectly.

Let me clarify - I burn images all the time and get perfect results. But sometimes very specific images give me heartaches when burned.

Anybody ever heard of this sort of thing?

I have had the same problem a few times and most of them are due to the image being fragmented.
Although Nero’s buffer does not seem to run down I can only guess that there are glitches in the burning when it’s looking for the next peice of the file.
Google an old Sysinternals program called “contig” that will let you defragment one file at a time (a big time saver compared to defragging your whole drive).

10-4. I don’t remember if I tried that or not. I’m familiar with contig, though I have Diskeeper for defragging. It may take a while to test this - I don’t think I kept any of these particular images that were causing me grief. Thanks for the reply. Next time this happens I’ll contig the image and see what shakes.