Virtual dub

wazzz up

i have a movie but i want the intro and the outro cut from the movie.
after the cutting i start the movie but in the middle of the movie the sound stops. I have tried it many times and with diverent movies but it will not work

does anybody know what the problem is or what settings i have to use?

sorry for the bad english

mzzl paul

When you use virtual dub for the cutting make sure that the audio is set to direct stream.

Also if you have a movie with VBR MP3 sound please note that VirtualDub cannot handle this format! You have to use Nandub for this job. It works the same as VirtualDub but it has far more options and support for audio formats (such as VBR MP3). Just unzip the Nandub files to your VirtualDub folder (VirtualDub has to be installed) and you’re good to go. You can d/l Nandub from

thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx G@M3FR3@K
it works