Virtual dub giving me problems

I loaded the movie on to virtual dub then went to filters and added the subtitleer.vdf file then added my subtitles which where in an .ssa format then I saved my session as an avi. it took about 30mins and the file ended up being 64gigs and the original .avi was only 700mb O_O

How do I add subtitles on virtual dub and keep it the file size about the same or something close to its original size O_O?

Subtitles and I don’t get along, so I can’t help with that part, but the reason you got such a large file from your 700mb original is that you didn’t set the type of video compression to be used, so it saved as uncompressed avi.

You’ll need something like the xvid codec installed and select it under Video–>Compression within Vdub.

Here is a guide at afterdawn: